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zen moon table

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The pure magic of nature fused with this unique design brings peace and harmony into your home. Feel the regenerating forces of the trees in your living room with our Zen Moon-Wood Table.  

Zen Moon-Wood Tables are handcrafted in German craftsmen-ship from a 100% pure wood, which is cut in certified domestic sustainable forestry.


More so, the timber is taken during full moon, when the trees’ sappiness is at its fullest. It is then carefully dried to preserve the unmistakable characteristics of this especially strong and hard wood.  A higher life span, a better resistance to bugs and even to fire are just a few of the wonderful traits this wood is said to have.


Also, its natural forces and energy remain untouched as this unique product it is completely free of additives, toxic adhesives or other chemicals.


Every table is a magnificent one-of-a-kind piece, due to its very own pattern and texture.  

We offer you the beautiful selection of oak tree or core-ash tree for your solid wood table, as well as the option of ordering your product with a large drawer, which opens and closes gently upon touch. Upon request, it is artfully integrated into the base of the table and fitted with a glas underbody.  

Our Moon Wood Tables are designed to be distinctly decorated to your own taste. Let you creativity run free, or order some of our high-quality Zen products, if you’d like to follow our examples.  

Dimension of the table:                                         L x W x H: 110 x 90 x 45 cm  

Dimension of the integrated gap:                   L x W x H:  50 x 30 x 15 cm

If you wish to learn more about Moon Phase Wood I can warmly recommend visiting the website of Ing. Dr. Erwin Thoma. This Austrian forestry and business ecomomist is an entrepreneur and author in the area „ Tree Knowledge and Wood Innovation“. His business, the Thoma-Holz GmbH builds natural wood houses, completely renouncing the use of adhesives.

With the Carpentry Weidlich, I have found a first class partner, which only works with moon wood in cooperation with the Fa. Thoma. This way my design could be realized with the the largest amount of quality and sustainability.

Order very own Moon Wood Table now. Manufactured upon request you can get this product only and exclusively through my website.


Contact Me:

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This Zen Moon Wood Table is not just any table. It is a table you cannot find anywhere else.

With its ageless design every table is a unique wooden copy made by excellent craftsmen-ship.

Sustainable and health-promoting, this table will certainly contribute to your vitality.  

Get your Zen Moon Wood Table today and bring peace and harmony to your home. 

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